The Patriot Polo
Only 100 Worldwide

GopLogo Exclusive!
We grabbed the last of the wholesaler's stock &  embroidered our custom design on them! 

Thee shirt to wear at the Republican Convention. Only 100 exist int he universe!

• Genuine Antigua.   60% cotton/40% rayon
• $49.99 each + S & H

: 50 Available
Neck: 16-16 1/2,
Chest: 42-44

XLarge: 50 Available
Neck: 17-17 1/2, 
Chest: 46-48

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 • The Fallon: Limited Edition, Gop Logo, 100% Silk Tie
 • The Nola Rae: Limited Edition, Gop Logo 100% Silk Scarf
 • GOP Logo Waterless Tattoo
 • The Patriot Shirt, Limited Edition, Exclusive Design

 The Fallon:  A true Star-Spangled Banner. Named after our good friend Harry Fallon,  (Coldwater, MI,) Mr. Fallon is the first person in the world, to purchase this tie.

100% silk from the Orient  featurng a swirl Jacarde pattern, this tie says, "You've Arrived! A GOPLOGO exclusive design.

• 59" from tip to tip.
Dry Clean Only
ONLY 49 Left
Price: $29.99 + $5 S/H.

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 The Nola Rae:  Named after a former President of  Michigan Federation of Republican Women. Nola Rae Batch (Battle Creek, MI) is the first in the world to own one.

his lovely scarf is 100% silk from the Orient.
It feels so soft against your neck. A GOPLOGO exclusive design. 

44" long  x 8" wide
• Dry Clean Only
• Only 49 Left!
Price: $29.99 + $5 S/H
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 Trump Cards

Can YOU determine "Trump" fact from fiction?

Players get an "Approved" card and a "Fake News" card.

The Host reads a statement.

Players show either the "Approved" card or the "Fake News" card.

Everyone who gets it right gets a point. If all players get it wrong - the Host gets a point. First one to 5 points wins!

Game Contents:
• 300 Trump Cards
• 10 Fake News Card
• 10 Approved Cards
• 1 Writing Pad
• 1 pencil
•  Rules
• # of players: 2 to 10 

Play as individuals or play teams and get even more people involved.

Each game is just $29.95 postage paid!

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