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How A Rubber Stamp Can Save Te Day

Bumper Sticker Secret

The Difference Between an Identification Statement and a Disclaimer.

Rules Regarding ID Statements and E-mail

The Difference Between an Identification Statement and a Disclaimer.
Identification Statement: "Paid For By …"
The identification statement is commonly and mistakenly referred to as a disclaimer. The identification statement is what tells people who paid for the advertising material ie: "Paid for by Joe Blow Candidate Committee (address) (treasurer if applicable)."

Disclaimer: "Not Authorized by…"
A disclaimer comes after an identification statement, when the material relates to a candidate and is an independent expenditure. If the expenditure is authorized by the candidate committee in writing then the disclaimer,  "Authorized By ... etc .." is used.  If the authorization is not in writing or it simply is not authorized then, "Not Authorized By Any Candidate " is used.

If a local party produces a mail piece for a candidate, the Identification Statement would show that the Local party paid for it. The Disclaimer would attest as to whether or not it was authorized by the candidate.

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Guidelines For Using The Identification Statement: Follow link below: Once you download the Appendicies, look to Appendex J page 22.
Appendices for all Campaign Finance Committee Manuals (PLEASE PRINT APPENDICES AFTER EACH COMMITTEE MANUAL

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Rules Regarding ID Statements and E-mail

1) A candidate committee sending a e-mail. No matter if it's a press release, a fundraiser announcement. Solicitation  or whatever, if it promotes the candidate or campaign in any way it must include the identification statement: "Paid for by…"

2) When a local party entity, forwards an e-mail that promotes a candidate or committee, that entity must also include their identification statement.

3) If you wish, you may also include a disclaimer (especially before primaries) such as, "Forwarding of this e-mail is a service and is not to be construed as an endorsement of any particular candidate for any particular office."

4) If you use your personal e-mail account to forward an e-mail,  that has the proper identification statement, on to friends, you do not have to add anything. HOWEVER, make sure it includes the original identification statement and disclaimer if it has one.

5) Forwarding an e-mail for a political candidate is no different than making a financial contribution to that candidate's campaign. If you obey the letter of the law, you must report the value of your forwarded e-mail in your campaign expenditure reports. (Assuming you are a local party or other political entity.)

The Michigan State Party places a value of 1¢ (.01) per e-mail address sent to. If they forward a candidate's e-mail to 1000 addresses, the State Party reports a campaign contribution of $10.

Local parties should rightfully refuse to forward any e-mail for a candidate committee that does not contain an identification statement … period. Why? Because, it's in violation of Campaign Finance Law. We can't hold the Dem's accountable for that which we don't hold ourselves accountable.

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Bumper Sticker Secret
A few year’s back bumper stickers got a bad rap within Republican political circles because once a candidate lost, supporters had a tough time getting the bumper sticker off of their vehicle. WHY? Because campaigns were buying the cheapest bumper sticker they could find — a bumper sticker that was manufactured with permanent adhesive on a paper substrate.

A better choice is vinyl, removable bumper stickers. They're manufactured with a semi-permanent adhesive that will allow the sticker to be more easily removed in 4 to 6 months. And because the stickers are screen printed on a vinyl substrate, they look better — longer.

Yes, vinyl , removable bumper stickers do cost a few pennies more. The way to combat that is to give some serious, realistic thought to how many bumper stickers you’ll really need. Then, order enough so you don’t have to keep re-ordering. Ordering 20,000 at one time is a lot more cost effective than ordering 5K four times especially when you figure in the additional cost of shipping.

And I won’t lie to you. If you leave a vinyl, removable bumper sticker on long enough … say 8 to 12 months, it too may be a little hard to remove. But for the money, you’re going to be a lot better off with the quality vinyl removable over the cheap, permanent bumper stickers.  The bottom line? If you want to go cheap, people will be less likely to want your sticker. But when you can tell them that it's manufactured to be more easily removed down the road, then they’ll be more agreeable — providing they support you.

Remember: At Crooks Advertising Alliance/ we only work for Republican's when it comes to political campaigns. Why spend your money with someone else who will work just as hard for your Dem opponent? That just ain't right!


How A Rubber Stamp Can Save the Day
Every Republican campaign should have 2 or more rubber stamps made of the campaign identification statement:
(Paid for by .... ). In the event you print up a card or something without the ID statement, you can simply whip out the stamps and start stamping the ID statement on. This is preferable over trashing the piece and wasting a bunch of money, especially if you're under a time crunch.  Besides, isn't that what volunteers are for? 

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