RepubliWrap,: Merry Christmas Edition by Republican, Merry Christmas Gift Wrap.

RepubliWrap GiftWrap

The Republican gift wrap that says, "Merry Christmas"! This wrapping paper features the  Republican GOP elephant donning a Santa hat amidst the words, "Merry  Christmas".

Perfect for Republican gift-giving, as a gift for your favorite  Republican or to have a little fun with your Dem friends or family  members.

Each package contains five, 22" x 34" sheets.
• 25.97 square feet of Republican wrapping fun!
• Premium heavy-weight paper ... not that tissue paper stuff. 
• Printed in the United States of America — NOT China!

Price: $15 for one package

Price INCLUDES shipping & handling


Go in with friends and associates to receive a better value. 10 packages of RepubliWrap is just $100. That's just $10 a package. Free Shipping!

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