Why GOP Logo May Be Right For You.

About GOP Logo

We've quietly served Republicans and Republican campaigns since 1997. From presidential & congressional,  state senate & representative down to city commission ... in politics, we only serve Republicans. We do not manage campaigns. We provide support services.
We know what GOTV means. We know the difference between an "identification statement" and a "disclaimer" — and when they should be used. We know what a Friend to Friend card is.

We  know techniques and tactics to increase Republican campaign donations,  thank Republican volunteers in ways that help promote your campaign and how to legally get around lawn sign ordinances.

We offer brochure and direct mail writing, design and production services. We also are experts in campaign products such as lapel stickers, lapel pins and other promotional marketing items. We know which one's work and which one's don't.


• We only work for Republican campaigns.

• We have more than two decades of knowledge  & experience that can help keep you out of trouble and your campaign running smooth.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss your campaign needs. Call me at 517-589-0008. Or email me at hello@goplogo.com

Warm Regards,
Michael Crooks